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As part of my job description with Omni Advertising, I am in charge of writing a blog for their main website, It was my suggestion that we start the blog as a strategy to increase our presence on the internet, ramp up our google rankings and develop more incoming and outgoing links to the sites.

According to many of the guidelines, a blog is an integral tool to higher google rankings. Sites such as advise that the inclusion of a blog will increase your overall score. Prior to starting the Omni blog site, the main website had a very low score, somewhere around 20/100. After adding the blog, and following the other guidelines, the score rose to 53/100! Now, six months later, the site scores 72/100!

Of course, a blog is only a tool. A means to a end, the end being more visitors to your site. While many pages on a website are very rarely update, a blog can easily updated on a regular basis. If your blog is interesting and attracts attention you’ll see a increase in your sites traffic.

Keeping the blog up to date is the challenge. As you can tell from this blog, my last entry was in April. Finding something new to write about can be difficult if you’re not a prolific writer. Writing something that people will find interesting can also be a challenge. Since I write the Omni blog, I spend a lot of time finding suitable topics for that site and tend to neglect this blog.

So, if you want more visitors and higher search rankings, write a blog! It’s worth it.