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As we all try to keep on top of technology and try to bring in more visitors to our websites it seems that there is always another method to try. By now most of us know that site like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace are huge. These social networking sites allow people to interact with each other almost immediately. Is it no wonder that businesses are now using these sites to connect with their customers?

Creating and keeping up with one of these accounts does require a little time but they’re pretty easy to use. Maintaining multiple accounts is another matter.

About a month after went live we realized that the site needed to bring in more clients. The SEO methods we used were working fine for organic search results but we knew they could be better. With the help of Bruce Muir of IDS Partners, we made some design changes to the site, and added a blog. The client then decided to bring in Brookstone Marketing Group. Brookstone offers several packages for online marketing, including pay per click campaigns and Facebook and Twitter setups. I’ll be interested to see what kind of traffic is generated through these methods in the coming months.