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I have been testing several ways of posting my WordPress blog posts directly to my FaceBook page. At first I thought that there had to be a plugin that simply sent my post directly to my FaceBook account, but after looking at hundreds of plugin descriptions I began to realize that this was not going to be so simple. Many of the plugins I found did all sorts of things, but not what I wanted.

Then I found the JetPack plugin, which is a official WordPress plugin. It said it would send my posts to my FaceBook page, which it did, but it ‘shared’ them on my page. I wanted something that would be seamless in appearance.

So today I found another plugin. The NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin. After reading the installation instructions I was a little hesitant to use it. I had to, GASP!, register as a FaceBook developer and create a app. Something else I’d been avoiding during my search. Well I bit the bullet and in about 5 minutes I had registered my ‘app’ with Facebook and set up the plugin.

So here is my test. If I’m lucky this will show up on my facebook page. If not…back to the drawing board.