Select Page is now online. Osmonic Air is a local small business that installs HEPA Air Filtration and Central Air Vacuum systems. Although HEPA filtration systems have often been used for hospitals, manufacturing and the Aerospace industry, they are being installed in homes more frequently now due to the growing concern of Indoor Air Pollution, otherwise known as IAP. IAP can contribute to many health issues, such as asthma, and other respiratory diseases. IAPs range in size and shape. Human hair, dust, dust mites, pollen, mold, and tabacco smoke are just a few types of IAPs.

The HEPA filtration systems Osmonic Air installs in your house are built to the same standards as those used for industries and businesses. True HEPA filters can remove as much as 97% of IAPs as small as 0.3 microns. These filtration systems are installed so that they trap the AIPs which flow through your homes air conditioning and heating system. This method allows the filters to keep the IAPs from recirculating through your house.

In addition to HEPA filters, the use of a Central Vacuum system can also aid in reducing IAPs. Particles trapped in carpeting or resting of floors can become airborne when walked over or picked up by air currents. Vacuuming frequently can reduce the amount of IAPs on your floors and carpets. The problem with most common portable vacuums is that their canisters are not airtight and might release the IAPs back into your home. Central vacuum systems are a better solution, since the debris is carried out of the house through a sealed system and deposited into a canister outside of homes air system, usually in the garage.

For more information about how Osmonic Air can help you protect your home and family from Indoor Air Pollution, visit their site, or call 704-200-4001 to schedule a In-Home consultation and  Free Indoor Air Pollution test.