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I spend most of my days working on various projects from print advertising to website design and maintenance. My days are pretty full making sure that I routinely check my clients sites to ensure that they are updated with the very latest versions of whatever. So you can imagine my surprise when I logged onto this blog and realized that I hadn’t updated it in quite some time.

First thing I did was try to update the WordPress application. Click here and there and what? I get a warning message. Version 3.2.1 requires PHP 5… Uh oh. Check the server. Sure enough it’s set to PHP4. A couple searches and I find the correct location and update to PHP5. Back to wordpress, update to 3.2.1. OK.

Now I see that there are three plugins that need updating. Simple enough. Click, click, 1, 2, 3 and it’s done.

Hmm, seems I’m using an old template for the design. Problem is, the update to that template doesn’t have the sliding images like this one does. Guess that’ll have to wait. Anyway, I’ve been doing some custom template design lately and, since this is my own site, perhaps I should devote some time to creating my own template. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

First things first though. Got to finish those client projects and bring in some cash. This might take a while. I’ll let you know when I get around to that new template.