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I am very happy to announce the official formation of Dang! Good Graphics LLC. After a long period of procrastinating, researching how to incorporate, more procrastinating… I finally decided the time had come.

When I began researching how to incorporate I was a little intimidated by the sheer number of resources I found on the internet, most of which were difficult to interpret. I had all sorts of questions like, “Do I really need to incorporate?”, “What is the best way to incorporate?”, and “What type of corporation is best suited for my business?”  I Googled “North Carolina Incorporation” and quickly found tons of information from the state government. Did that help? A little. But I still had tons of questions. And how much was all of this going to cost.

Then a couple people told me to go to I filled out a short form and in no time I had filled out all the paperwork I needed. And it cost me a heck of a lot less than if I had gone to an attorney. Even when I had more questions I just dialed up LegalZoom and they answered them for me. Of course, they can not answer legal questions, so I may wind up going to an attorney for the more difficult questions.

So Dang! Good Graphics is now open for business!