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A few months ago I was told about a application by PixelPipe that allows you to update your blogs and micro-blogs, like Twitter and FaceBook. The person who told me about it said something like, “You can make a single entry and it sends it out to all of your accounts at the same time”. What? You mean I only have to make one entry and BANG!, it goes out to my blog , facebook and twitter? No Way!

Well, if it sounds too good, it probably isn’t. So I went to PixelPipe, and opened up my free account. Yes, I said free. For now anyway. Getting started was pretty easy. Sign in, add in your info for your blogs, etc, and then hit the ‘quick post’ button to start writing. Uh oh! First thing I notice is that there is NOT a single entry. If you look at the screenshot below, you’ll notice that there are actually three tabs, File Upload, Status/Microblog, and Blog. So if you want to post a picture and post something to Twitter, and make a blog post, you actually have to fill out all three forms to do so. So much for one stop processing.

But actually, this is still better than going to all of your social media sites and blog sites and having to update each one manually. Especially if you maintain numerous accounts like I do. Right now I have this blog, the Omni Auto Blog, the Omni Advertising blog , a blog for my client, the Broward Technical Schools blog, and my Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts. So you can see how keeping up with all of them can be time consuming.

pixelpipe screenshot

Opening page for Pixelpipe Quick Post

So, If I want to make a post to my blog, I have to go to the blog tab, and enter my title and post there, then hit the submit button.
pixelpipe screenshot

Blog input area

And if I want to post to Twitter and Facebook and all my other miniblogs, I have to go to the Status/MicroBlog tab and do that.

pixelpipe status/microblog page

Update your Status and Microblogs here

Ok, so it’s still a little bit of a pain to do all of this but much better than the alternative. If I want to post to a blog and a microsite, I still have to fill out both, but I could always copy and paste from one to the other and save myself the pain of typing it all out a second time.

The next step was to test out the iPhone app. After several test runs I’m still not getting the results I’d like. Sending a image file was easy enough. Take a picture and it goes into the Media tab. From there you can upload it to your pixelpipe account which then posts it. Be careful though not to upload all of your pictures. I accidentally hit the Upload All button and quickly canceled when I realized I was uploading over 300 files. The pictures of Harley below were the three that got uploaded before I canceled.

One thing I did notice about these pictures is that they are incased in a <div> tag. They are also automatically reduced in size, which is alright unless you actually wanted to post the larger image.

Posting on the iPhone app is basically the same process as I mentioned before. Easy enough unless you want to make a lengthy blog entry. Typing on the iPhone’s keypad can be aggravating. The one drawback to the pixelpipe iPhone app for me so far is that is does not upload to Facebook’s group or fan pages. This would be a serious drawback for some of my clients who have to update their business pages.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with PixelPipes ability to update multiple blogs and microblogs with little effort. There are still some issues to be fixed though.